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Our Services

What We Offer

Wash and dry laundromat near me

Give us your dirty laundry, we’ll wash it, fold it, and package it up for you. What could be easier? We use only the highest quality detergents, bleaches, and fabric softeners.

Drycleaning near me Auckland

We offer the best service, flexible scheduling, and tremendous value for your wardrobe. Backed by state-of-the-art equipment and our team of professionals in pressing, stain removal and shirt laundering will make sure you and your clothes are well taken care of.

Commercial laundry auckland

We offer commercial account services to all kinds industries. We specialize in hotels, restaurants, gyms, motels, spas, salon, short term rentals. our success is because of our one or two day turn-around time.

service laundromat near me

We offer drop off service in our Mount Roskill store. Simply bring your washing to our store and one of our friendly crew will help you out with your wash and dry or dry-cleaning 

shirts Ironing near me auckland

Without washing, the ironing quality of very creased garments might not be as expected. If your items are very wrinkled, we strongly recommend opting for a 'Dry cleaning & Ironed laundry' service as everything will be then ironed fresh out of the washing/dry cleaning machine and the results will be fantastic. 

Airbnb laundry auckland

We offers linen rental service to our clients. All linens are brand new and are exclusive to each client. Our vendors have a wide selection of towels, sheets and table linens to suite your needs. All linens are available for purchase or rental.

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